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Original Room

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Interior Design Generated By AI

Interior design generated by Archi AI

How Does It Work?

Start designing your interior or exterior by following these 3 simple steps

Upload a picture of your interior or exterior space

Or simply drag and drop your photo.

Fill out a short form and select the style you are looking for

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Press “Generate” to create different designs of your space

Our AI will generate images that perfectly fit your space.

Last Generated Designs

These are just a few of the thousands of different designs that Archiʼs system can do.

Which Rooms Will You Stage?

Create the perfect space with a seamless design process. Let's design your dream home or any space with AI and get the best interior design advices.

Living Room

This innovative tool takes into account your personal preferences and creates a customised living room just for you. You simply need to answer a few questions about what you're looking for, and Archi AI will do the rest. Whether you're after a cosy space or a stylish showpiece for entertaining, our AI-powered tool will create a custom living room design.


This tool is designed to help you create the perfect bedroom for your needs. It takes into account your style, and other preferences to come up with a unique design that is tailored for your space.


Using this AI-powered tool to generate a kitchen design can be an exciting way to add value to your home. This type of system can help you design a kitchen that isboth functional and stylish.


A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our homes. It's a place wherewe can relax and rejuvenate after a long day. Now, there's a new way to make your bathroom even more relaxing and enjoyable: by using Archi AI to design it.

Dining Room

This tool can create a custom dining room based on your specific needs and preferences. With this tool, you can input your desired features and see how they would look in real life. This can be a great way to get inspired and find new ideas for your dining room.

Why Choose Archi?

Powered by AI

The AI model is nothing like you've seen before: natural, unique and creative.

Visualize Your Space

Not only can you see how the different rooms in your project will look like before they are built, but you can also see them in real time!


You will find that your design process is less complicated and more efficient, saving you time and money.

Generate Unlimited Designs

Archi AI has helped thousands transform their living spaces into dream environments.
Try Archi AI today and experience the future of interior design!
Unlimited renders
1 user seat
Access to all tools
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Faster & higher quality renders
Unlimited renders
10 user seats
Access to all tools
Commercial usage license
Faster & higher quality renders

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Please chat with our team.

How does Archi compare to other interior design softwares?

Archi is unique in that it is AI-Powered, meaning that it can generate photo-like images of your desired space in seconds. This is in contrast to other interior design softwares which require you to input data and then generate a 3D model which can take minutes or even hours.

How does Archi help me design my home?

Archi helps you design your home by allowing you to quickly and easily generate photo-like images of your desired space. With Archi, you can generate different design ideas of your space and see what they would look like in real life without having to actually build or buy anything.

What type of spaces can I create with Archi?

With Archi, you can create any type of space that you can imagine. Whether you're designing a home, office, or retail space, Archi will help you bring your vision to life.

How realistic are the images that Archi generates?

The images that Archi generates are photo-realistic. This means that they look like actual photos of the space, and not just drawings or sketches.

Can I see an example of what Archi can do?

Yes! Go to the top of website and click on the Generate button. This will show you a few examples of what our AI-powered design tool can do.